tiny house

A Tiny House in the Bavarian Forest – “die HYT”

A little house that looks like a shed. With wheels. A real Tiny House.
Of course, I’m quite curious about it, as I’m going to spend a few days at the Wildberghof in Buchet.

Anyone who has followed my blog for a while knows how much I enjoy spending the night in the countryside. This time, the place I’m staying in has a surface area of 2.5 x 6 metres. The website says that a tractor takes the hut to the guest’s desired location: in the middle of a field, next to a pond or at the edge of the forest. That sounds pretty good!

When I arrive, however, I am quite surprised by an unfamiliar sight. In the extensive grounds around the farmyard are some deer. They’re standing in the water of the pond to cool down. Red deer – as Thomas tells me later – is the only wild breed that likes the water. Here I am, in a daze, staring at this spectacle.

But before I have chance to get my camera ready, the moment has passed, and the dripping wet animals run happily across the meadow.

But right now, I am curious about my little dwelling place.

As I soon learn, the HYT (hut) is still on its winter pitch, in the meadow behind the farmyard. I move into my little home. It looks like a shed. Painted grey on the outside, all in white on the inside. Thanks to the amount of windows, it seems quite spacious. It is well lit, and its simple design makes great use of space. I would say “you can see that an architect came up with the idea”.

Waiting for me is a little snack (wonderful!) and I make myself comfortable. I’ve arrived. I put things away and look around:
At the back of the cabin are two bunk beds; the lower mattresses can be joined together with a roll-out slatted bed base, creating space for up to 5 people.

A wood stove, a sink, storage space and a built-in refrigerator make up the kitchen area. You can’t really cook here and cater for yourself, but you can get breakfast at the farm and take the opportunity to try some of the delicious venison specialties.

Under the kitchen counter, a table and two stools are stored away to save space. A wet room with a camping toilet and sink connects directly onto the kitchen area.

On the opposite side there are two seats: and that’s it.

A hotel room on wheels, roadworthy and really quite appealing – my home for the next few days.

I sleep like a log. When I wake up, my gaze falls on the peacefully grazing horses in the next paddock along. I can’t hear a thing.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stay that way – the wagon is a bit too close to the farmyard.

But that also has some advantages: it’s not far to the loo. And I meet some really nice people from Augsburg, who are having a picnic with their son in the field in front of my HYT. It’s a stroke of luck actually: in the following days we spend a lot of time together and meet up in the evening for a glass of wine on the mini veranda of my little house.

But now I’m off to explore the farm and the surrounding area.

It’s made up of three main buildings, which look very neat and tidy. There’s also a farm shop with all sorts of venison specialties, local produce and accessories from the Bavarian Forest.

The homemade salami turns out to be a real treat.

The terrain around the farm seems huge to me: various wild herds live here, with a total of 200 animals (red, fallow and sika deer, and mouflon sheep). To get the feel of the place, I take a wander along the circular trail, which starts off at the farm. Uphill and down dale, it leads through the nearby villages and amazingly peaceful woods.

The area is really beautiful, and I enjoy being so close to the animals, which somehow manage to have a calming effect on me.

I am convinced that the concept of placing the huts in various natural settings will be a hit.

I found my time here in the HYT to be absolutely great and wonderfully inspiring!

The facts:


Have a cheeky drink in the evening on the cabin’s tiny porch. It feels really homely!

Ideal for:

This place is perfect for a short break – even on your own. You’re near enough to the farm to have contact with others and you can eat and socialise there. But of course, it’s also very nice just for two….

Special feature:

Soon you will be able to choose – before you leave – where the little wooden house should be pitched. A total of nine plots will be available, all ready for your little break. In a meadow, a field, at the edge of a forest. When you book the HYT, it will be pulled to the desired place by a tractor before you arrive, so that everything is ready for when you get there.

So, if you want to avoid bearing witness to weddings, corporate anniversary parties and similar events, it’s worth waiting for it to be moved… Or just ask if there’s going to be an event on when you want to go.

Other information:

Dogs are permitted.
Unfortunately, there is no WIFI.


The Wildberghof is located in Buchet, not far from Deggendorf. It is easily accessible from Regensburg via the A3, from Munich via the A92.


Price per night for 2 persons: 98 EUR (an additional 15 EUR is payable per child for extra beds) Dated: August 2017

Booking and Contact:

Wildberghof Buchet
Buchet 2
94505 Bernried
Tel +49 9905 248