Au Perier in the Dordogne – Living like God in France

Looking around here, I once again understand the phrase “Living like God in France”: my current ZENPLACE is in the Dordogne and this location is so beautiful that we decided to spend the holidays here.

Our cottage is part of an ensemble of 4 buildings. The former estate Au Perier, where in the past plums were dried and wine was produced, is surrounded by meadows and fields – and is a pure idyll.
We live in the renovated stables “Les Etables”, which are modern and lovingly prepared and are ideal for one or two people. We like the large terrace and the undisturbed view of the meadows:

It is the perfect place to relax.

We will be here for two weeks. At first, the days go by surprisingly slowly. I feel like I’ve fallen out of time. The rush of everyday life falls away from me and I enjoy the lethargic rhythm of the days in amazement. We stroll through the lively medieval towns and enjoy the quiet countryside.

Eating, reading, swimming in the pool, sleeping…

Sometimes I think this would be the perfect place to finish a book or focus on working on a project.

The sympathetic peace, combined with a stable WiFi, offer the perfect conditions for this.

But here and now the focus is on recovery. And food. And there is plenty of it here: the traditional markets in the surrounding villages offer many fresh and, above all, regional products.

But the highlight of the week is the dinner together at the long table.

In this area each village has a “Salle des Fêtes” where the inhabitants meet regularly. Everyone brings something to eat and you spend the evening together.
The two hosts, Annemieke and Nick, have taken up this tradition: as the Au Perier with its four buildings and the square in the middle looks like a village, the “Salle des fêtes” should not be missed. So, once a week, you meet
up for a “Meet and Greet” and enjoy the deliciously prepared dishes and tasty wines.

Annemieke, who ran a restaurant in Amsterdam for years, and her husband are great hosts and the evenings are really special.

The kitchens in the cottages are perfectly equipped and the opportunity to enjoy Annemieke’s vegetable garden completes the cooking pleasure.

If we don’t want to cook, we eat in the restaurants in the area. Some of them are very good. A paradise for foodies!

That’s how the days go by.

As soon as the first week is behind us, time passes noticeably faster again. It’s like slowly getting back to the pace of everyday life.

Our departure is approaching and the farewell is difficult for us. No wonder: we lived like God in France!

The facts:


The shared evenings in the open “Salle des Fêtes” barn. Whether wine tasting or dinner – here we met the other guests, held inspiring discussions and enjoyed the evenings, which were not always balmy but were sociable.

Ideal for:

All those who appreciate peace, good food, a nice ambience and a relaxed lifestyle. In “Les Etables” you stay alone or in pairs. “La Grange” is the former barn which can accommodate 6 people, and “La Ferme” was
formerly used as accommodation for the farm workers and is suitable for 4 people. The terraces of the houses are arranged in such a way that you have enough privacy.

Of note:

Here there is stable WiFi. You could also come here to work intensively on a project. In addition, dogs are welcome!


Eat whatever the regional markets offer. Seafood, vegetables, fish, cheese and wine. Everything is fresh and delicious!


The small town of Sainte-Sabine-Born is about two hours’ drive east of Bordeaux in the French Dordogne. The closest major city is Bergerac. The airport is served by RyanAir, which is why you mainly find Dutch and English people here. We came by car. But since we thought of the travel days as holidays and made a stopover in Bourgogne, the trip was very pleasant.


Between €790 and €1090 per week, depending on the season (as of July 2018).

Booking and Contact:

Annemieke Den Uijl
Au Perier
4440 Saint-Sabine-Born
tel: +31 653339116

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