Lago Maggiore

Focus and concentration – high above the Lago Maggiore

The sun has not risen yet. I woke up and wrapped myself in the bedsheet, and now I am standing on the small balcony. The scenery is staggering. Slowly, it begins getting brighter, the light changes every minute and the splendour of the landscape begins to emerge little by little.

The hills lie accross, and their contours gradually become clearer. Below, still dark, lies the lake. Oh, the lake.
This place has a special thing about it, captivating its visitors, and is particularly appealing to intellectuals, artists and creative thinkers. Ticino’s atmosphere exhudes creativity.

I’ve arrived at my new ZENPLACE, a studio high over the Lago Maggiore.

And this time I have brought work with me. I want to try out how the feeling of “having something to take care of” copes with the uniqueness of this place.
Will I be able to find calm and be entirely here, and at the same time be able to complete all my tasks?

I am a bit skeptical at the beginning. I feel this place invites one to slow down rather than get to work.

Although the region offers many interesting choices for exploring – Monte Verità is only a few kilometers away – I stay put. It cannot get any more beautiful: the constantly changing light, the color of the water below me, the wind bending the palm trees – all this offers me enough diversity
and makes my breaks from working very enjoyable.

I am sitting here at the dining table, benefiting from a stable WLAN connection and enjoying the flow. I am being very productive.

And at the same time, the view keeps taking me continuously back to the here and now. I feel like I’m on vacation.

At noon I wander down the hill and go to meet my hostess Marilen for a cappuccino at the Café Gabietta. We are sitting by the water and enjoying the Mediterranean atmosphere: palms, prosecco and a pair of really fancy sunglasses.

The small village Brissago is very quiet at this time of the year. Charming and as if it had fallen out of time. A place whose glory days have long passed and it is precisely this quality that makes it so pleasant.

I finish the days in the same way as I start them: on the balcony. I observe how the light fades, the contrasts blurring more and more as the night begins to settle in. Here and there the first lights begin to appear, uniting gradually to form villages. The last boats arrive at the harbor and it grows

Wonderfully still.


The main highlight:

The sunrise. The lake rests so peacefully in the morning, and very slowly it begins to awaken to life.

Ideal for:

Everyone who loves the Mediterranean climate. For singles or for couples – your time here will be very special.

Special features:

This place is marvelously suited for working intensively. The internet connection is fast and stable. For those who always wanted to write a book or start a new project, you will find ideal conditions here.


The studio is located above Brissago, in Ticino, 3 hours south of Zurich by car. The closest airports are Zurich Airport and Milano-Malpensa.


The accommodation costs, according to the season, vary between CHF 120 and 130 per night (for 1-2 people).
Important notice: a discount of 15% is offered for stays of 1-3 weeks to ZENPLACE readers!
For longer stays it is possible to arrange a special price.

Booking and Contact:

Marilen Andrist
Casa alla Cappella
CH-6614 Brissago-Rossorino

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