Sao Miguel

Strong winds and many stars on Sao Miguel.

My new ZENPLACE is located on Sao Miguel, an archipelago of volcanic rock in the middle of the Atlantic. The Azores.
The uniqueness of this place becomes obvious to me during the landing approach at the very latest. And by this I do not mean the view through the cabin window but the way in which the machine gets shaken by the crosswind, struggling to maintain its course. The first landing attempt
indeed fails. The airplane takes off again just before touching the ground and we fly for another forty five minutes until the next landing attempt.

In brief: this time the landing attempt was successful, and I, relieved, even participated in the otherwise so annoying applause led sometimes by passengers at the moment of landing. We were indeed very close to having to fly back to the mainland due to the strong winds.

I travelled to the Azores following the recommendation of Tatjana, a reader of ZENPLACES, who wrote me last year telling me about this place. It made me curious.
And I realized immediately when we arrived that it had been worth the trip.

The beauty of this place is astonishing. A humble, modest house on a hill.
A room, a tea kitchen and a bathroom. Glass walls on three of its sides. Designed apparently for displaying the ever transforming view of its surroundings.

We experience everything here: sun, wind – even storms, clouds and very many stars. Spectacular and constantly transforming.
Green, blue and lava-black.

Vibrant not only in the colors: its entire atmosphere it is breathtaking every time.

A place that offers so much diversity that you could just sit there for days looking at the landscape.

A friend of mine accompanies me for a couple of days. We both like to get up early in the morning and we experience almost every sunrise.
Enveloped by the clear and warm air that transforms sometimes into a strong wind, blowing away the diffuse thoughts in our minds. I feel awake and my mind is clear. Adventurous and relaxed at the same time. We let the days come and go. We don’t have an agenda. Our plan consists of
savoring and experiencing every minute as intensely as possible.

And we discover an island that is not very touristic yet and rather quiet in October. We enjoy its natural beauty, the spectacular light, untouched crater lakes and birds that dance acrobatically in the wind.

Lava lava lava everywhere and this delicious green at the same time.

We most like to spend the end of the day in our little house observing the sunset. Once it gets dark and we cannot see anything anymore, we still have plenty to listen to: the crickets chirping, dogs barking in the distance and the wind shaking the glass. The night sky extends above us so clear and sharp. Elusive shooting stars sprinkle by minute by minute.

In this moment I feel happy and thankful for my uncontrollable curiosity, that allows me to travel to all these marvelous places.

Because it is in a place like this where I get rewarded a thousand times for it.


Main highlight:

The house lies hidden on a small hill. It offers a view over a wide landscape that is so alternating that it easily allows you to find calm. I picked myself a book to read a couple of pages and noticed after an hour that I had been looking at the landscape the whole time. That’s the way it is here.

Ideal for:

Everyone seeking to reconnect with the basic elements of nature and wishing to let themselves be absorbed in the moment. The house offers everything you need, nothing more and nothing less. But, above all, it offers a chance to be entirely present in the moment and forget about yourself
along the way…

Special features:

Solitary, in the middle of a wild nature and with a stable internet access! What sounds like an impossible match in Germany is no problem in the Azores.
Dogs are also welcome, by the way. The owner of the house has many of them herself and collaborates with animal protection causes. For me, I left my dog Anouk at home, because I did not wanted to inflict on her the stress of flying.

A recommendation:

For those wanting to see whales, it is better to come here in the spring months. Although we were out on the boat, we “only” got to see dolphins. Lovely as these animals are, I know from my own experience how special it is to see a whale.


The Azores belong to Portugal and lie approximately two and a half flight hours away from the continent. The archipelago consists of a total of 9 islands. The ZENPLACE is located in the west coast of the main island Sao Miguel, near the village of Mosteiros. The main airport is located also
on this island, in the region’s administrative capital Ponta Delgada. The journey then continues with the rental car.


Average price is 85 euros per night.

Contact and booking:


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