Rückzugsort in den Bergen - hideaway in Austria

A perfect hideaway in Austria

There are a variety of reasons to open a hotel. For Katrin and Dirk, it was their art collection which just got too big. That’s what they tell me when I visit them at their art-lodge.
I have rented a camper and am slowly heading towards Carinthia, where I visit this perfect hideaway in Austria.

I arrive, I turn off the engine, the camper briefly stutters and I feel the calm, the arrival, the lack of a need to move, the ability to just be there. I’m looking forward to a few quiet days in one of the four tiny houses they built in the mountain.

The main house looks like an old farm at first glance, and yet you quickly realize that everything is a little different here. What are the pink ground squirrels doing in the front yard?

I am warmly received and we start talking. And so first of all I sit on the terrace with a coffee and learn how the idea for this place was created.

Originally, Katrin and Dirk were looking for a bigger house. More rooms, more walls to hang art on and to support young artists. The idea with the hotel came a little later and it is brilliant: the rental of the rooms, the financing of the project is secured and at the same time it gets a lot of visitors for the art. And so the couple decided to convert the almost 300-year-old Rohrerhof into a hotel.

I am fascinated by the story. Katrin and Dirk have fulfilled a lifelong dream here. And it shows.

Tiny Houses were created on the grounds next to the hotel. Small black cubes in the lush green slope.

I am very excited when my route to the natural swimming pool leads
past the mountain.
Where these jewels sit cheekily in the landscape.

Full of anticipation, I get my little domicile. 23sqm is pure luxury after my time in the camper. 2.5 times 9 meters of simple functionality.
Natural materials and functions which are so cleverly arranged that you
don’t miss an inch.

A comfortable wide bed, a kitchenette with a dining table and a surprisingly large bathroom. What more do you need?
I play through in my mind whether I could live in a house like this permanently. If you add the outside space, you suddenly have a lot of room.

And what scenery! With a view of the Nockberge mountains, life is good.

But now I’m here for just a few days.

So much peace and quiet after my busy arrival with the camper. Along the Austrian lakes I have now arrived in the middle of the mountains.

In the evening I will be invited to the barbecue: this weekend the artist community takes place. Graduates of the Vienna Art Academy meet regularly and exchange ideas.
As a guest you have the opportunity to get to know the actors, their art and the people behind them. An enrichment for all concerned. And a really nice evening…

The facts:


Quite simply: the view from the small terrace of the house. Sit, watch, stay quiet and enjoy this hideaway in Austria.

Ideal for

People who like peace, like to be in the mountains and appreciate something special. You can do a lot here, but you don’t have to. In the main house different rooms are available. Each has its own character and individual features. And if you want to be independent, you can just rent one of the Tiny Houses.

Of note

Here, art and culture meet rural life and the Alpine panorama. The usual clichés and the Alpenchic which is so popular at the moment are deliberately not offered here.
This is unconventional and therefore so pleasant.


If you are interested in art and the artists behind it, you should come on a weekend in which the Kunst WG takes place. Conversations, delicious food and interesting contacts included!


There is stable Wi-Fi available. Dogs are allowed after consultation!


The art-lodge is located in Carinthia, not far from Lake Ossiach. The old farm, the Tiny Houses and the extensive sculpture garden are located in the middle of the Nockberge in a place of total calm.


The Tiny House costs from €99 per night (as of August 2018).

Booking and Contact

Rückzugsort in den Bergen - hideaway in Austria

Katrin Liesenfeld-Jordan und Dirk Liesenfeld
Verditzer Str. 52
9542 Verditz/Afritz
Tel: 0043-(0)4247-2997 0
hallo (at) art-lodge.at

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